Say hello to White Frontier

It's always great to talk to the people who make great things happen at the breweries we work with. This time we chat with Cyrill Kressibucher from White Frontier in Switzerland, the most recent addition to our portfolio at Prohibition.

Who, What and Where is White Frontier?  
WhiteFrontier is a brewery inspired by exploration and founded by the Belgian entrepreneur Nicolas Roberti and 7 times World Champion Snowboarder Xavier de le Rue. Going off the beaten track needs guts, skills and preparation. That’s rooted deep in the company values, and drives all the decisions at WhiteFrontier. That led the company to hire talent abroad: Chris Treanor, who loved Switzerland from his studies a few years before working at Galway Bay and that they got to know through Social Media.  

What sets you apart from other breweries?  
As all craft brewers, the team wants to brew world class beers and experiences and drive the market to a drink better beer. But what really sets us apart is the location and mindset: Dare to explore, do your best, collaborate. Brewing on a state of the art kit, with one of the purest water  sources in Europe, WhiteFrontier shares its infrastructure with an established winery. On that historical frontier between the Celtic and Roman world, beer and wine are crafted in the same building, sharing experience, infrastructure while keeping independence.  

What is the ethos of White Frontier?  
On to your next Adventure! 

How do you see White Frontier developing? What are your plans?  
We aim at becoming the most exported Swiss Craft Brewery, while being part of the exciting craft brewery revolution happening in Switzerland.  

Does you have a flagship beer or beer style, if so what?  
We were the first to release NE style commercially in Switzerland, one of which is “Freeride World Tour Citra Pale Ale”, a beer brewed for the competition of the same name. We explore the classic styles - IPA’s, lactic sours and we do some interesting experiments with grape must as well.  

Have you taken influence from any breweries in particular?  
Our greatest influences are the brewers that we collaborate with and discuss with on a regular basis. Our process is ever changing and being able to discuss quite openly with other brewers is one of the greatest aspects of our industry. 2018 will see us release a fairly regular portfolio of collaboration brews made with people from all over. 

What breweries are you enjoying at the moment?  
We're enjoying lots of local (to us) talents such as BFM and Trois Dames, whom are doing some truly incredible mixed fermentation stuff. We're of course enjoying the modern trends in hoppy beer too, coming from the US and of course the ever- growing quality in European offerings.  

Where do you see the brewing scene going next?  
We'll see some maturation in the market, as the second wave of quality will come to the UK and Europe, much akin to West Coast IPA's being brewed in UK/EU of yesteryear growing in quality and outcompeting against US imports.  

Tell us about your Tap room, we have heard great things.  
As expats, we wanted to get a chance to meet our local market and share with them our passion in full. That concept drove the design of the taproom, with the mountains and a beer garden on one side, and the brewery on the other. We get the chance to pour some exciting stuff from other breweries to our fans and customers, and when we get the chance, brew a collab together. It’s a lovely feeling to see people from all demographics trying new stuff, in a region where wine is king.  

Let’s chat about Chris, we love Chris. How and when did you become aware of his  mad skills?  
We started discussing with Chris late 2015 when he was forwarded the listing for the position. After a few emails back and forth he sent a box of samples of his wares and an invoice for a large amount of hops. He had lived in Switzerland previously for an internship, so he knew what kind of life was available in here. At that point, we knew he was serious and would make a great addition to our team.  

What’s the brewery’s biggest accolade to date?  
We got a few awards for our beers so far. But the most exciting is probably “World’s Best Pale Ale” in the "pale beer” category at the World Beer Awards 2017 for the Freeride World Tour (New England Citra Pale Ale). It’s exciting to get that sort of feedback, really motivates us do work harder in the future. 

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