'Slow Beer from Manchester'

Chorlton Brewing Co

Chorlton Brewing Co is one of the most notable UK innovators in sour beer:
- We were the first brewery in Britain to concentrate exclusively on sour beer production 
- We’ve continually been in’s list of top 40 breweries in England for 3 years 
- We conceived the Sour IPA style which is now brewed worldwide

During 4 years of Chorlton’s rise to sour beer notoriety, we've been working relentlessly to build a UK market for a once-unpopular, mostly unknown style. We’ve turned tens of thousands of people on to the idea and now we’ve set our sights on spreading the sour-love further afield. We’ve been spending 2018 expanding our international distribution portfolio and will follow it up in 2019 with a new facility in Brussels where we'll be fusing ultra-traditional Lambic production with contemporary brewing techniques.

TEL. 07810440488
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