Dot Brew

The Story of DOT brew is simple enough. Its basically me as homebrewer taking a punt (after a push) at a commercial beer (ad)venture with strong wood influences from the outset. The unsung heroes are Peter & Mikey, mates and business partners that have been around since the day’s pre DOT.

Its very safe to say that without these guys and the help of my very supportive partner (pregnant at the time with our second child in the space of a year) there would be no DOT brew and I would still be brewing in my porch!

The R&D (home brewing) went from my porch and brew cupboard to an expansion to a separate space in a mates office for mixed fermentation beers to a converted canteen container to the boot of my car to a room in the basement of a building on Dame Lane thanks to the Fumbally Exchange, all before being ready to launch to market . We wanted the beer to be right!

Like all good obsessions the beginnings were all consuming and limitless.


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